Is dubai good for small children?

Is Dubai good for kids?. Traveling to Dubai with children can be, well, child's play, especially if you keep a light schedule and involve them in the day to day life.

Is dubai good for small children?

Is Dubai good for kids?. Traveling to Dubai with children can be, well, child's play, especially if you keep a light schedule and involve them in the day to day life. The main reason why Dubai is great for kids is simple, it's the people. The attitude towards the children is completely different from that of the UK and they were all very friendly, welcoming and helpful.

Not only were the airline staff, waiters, and hotel staff so friendly, but everyone. Dubai is the perfect place for little adventurers and we loved the variety of things to do in Dubai with young children. We traveled to Dubai with baby J when he was one year old and together we explored its glittering skyscrapers, beautiful beaches and places of interest suitable for young children. A visit to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is one of our favorite things to do in Dubai with young children.

It's amazing to see hundreds of pink flamingos feeding and chatting in a swampy wetland so close to Dubai's skyscrapers. Located in the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is home to 140 species of marine life and is a fascinating experience for young children. The aquarium is divided into three floors with an underwater zoo, fish tanks and the Dubai Aquarium Tunnel, a 48-meter tunnel with an impressive variety of marine life. The Dubai Fountain is a must-see on any Dubai itinerary, and we all loved seeing the colorful dancing water show on Lake Burj Khalifa.

Designed by the creators of the Bellagio water show in Las Vegas, the Dubai Fountain is the largest choreographed fountain in the world and the show has lights and an impressive soundtrack. With the majestic Burj Khalifa as a backdrop, the Dubai Fountain captures the glitz and glamor of the desert city. It's so much fun to see the fountains rise 50 stories high, and yet they still seem small compared to the Burj Khalifa looming in the background. The City Walk neighborhood of Jumeirah, ideal for children, is a great place to spend a fun afternoon with the family.

City Walk is ideal for eating, shopping, watching movies and being entertained, as well as for enjoying incredible works of street art. City Walk is home to the Walls of Dubai, a Middle Eastern street art initiative that brought the works of 16 street artists to the neighborhood. The Dubai Global Village is another great option for a family evening. The massive festival brings together culture, food, shopping and entertainment from 78 countries around the world.

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and the impressive building rises above Dubai with an impressive height of 828 meters. If you like heights, check out the observation platforms for incredible views of Dubai. Ski Dubai also offers a penguin experience where visitors can spend time in the company of penguins. Dubai is home to some of the best water and theme parks in the Middle East.

Some great theme park and water park options for young children in Dubai include Wild Wadi World, Aquaventure, Legoland, and Motiongate. Dubai Creek offers an incredible view of the traditional side of an openly modern city. Once the commercial heart of Dubai, the stream flows into the Persian Gulf and is still a hotbed of activity. A visit to the Arabian Desert is an essential part of any Dubai itinerary.

There are several ways to explore the Dubai desert: a jeep safari, a hot air balloon and a stay at a desert resort, all popular options. If you're visiting Dubai with children under 12 years old, you can also visit LEGOLAND Dubai theme park. A day at IMG Worlds of Adventure, one of the most exciting theme parks in Dubai, is sure to bring a smile to children's faces. In addition, the museum is located in the former Al Fahidi Fort, built in 1787, the oldest building in Dubai.

Are you staying nearby? In addition to the Legoland Hotel Dubai and the Lapita Resort, a new Rove at the Park Hotel has been inaugurated nearby, offering a great additional economic option for 26% of Dubai's park resorts. If the worst happens and your toddler gets sick during their vacation in Dubai, there are plenty of hospitals and medical clinics you can go to for help. Different opening hours and regulations apply on religious holidays, such as the ban on serving alcohol in Dubai (more information on Ramadan below). A free buffet breakfast is served every morning at The Canvas Hotel Dubai MGallery Hotel Collection restaurant, which offers an extensive menu that ranges from continental breakfasts to Middle Eastern dishes.

There were a lot of water slides in the Legoland Dubai water park, some were suitable for young children, while others were more suitable for older children or big children, like us parents. If your kids are so lucky and a toy or two awaits them in addition to an incredible trip to Dubai, there are plenty of lovely kids' stores. Riding an SUV through the rolling dunes outside the city (almost a roller coaster in and of itself) is an unmissable part of a trip to Dubai, and nature is surprisingly accessible. Although most of the attention in tourist brochures tends to be focused on the capital, Abu Dhabi, and the vibrant and glamorous emirate of Dubai, we must not forget that the United Arab Emirates is actually made up of seven different Emirates.

A visit to the Ras al Khor wildlife sanctuary outside Dubai is an absolute success with young children. Children (and adults) will have fun on the more than 100 interconnected trampolines at Bounce Dubai, one of the most visited attractions in Al Quoz. So when you're visiting Dubai with kids, hop on the Dubai Marina water bus, take a traditional water taxi on the Dubai Estuary, or explore the city on a hop-on hop-off bus for a day. It's not a cheap experience, but if there's one thing that's really worthwhile in Dubai, it's this.


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