Is it worth going to dubai in july?

No, there is very little chance of rain in Dubai in July. No, Dubai in July is affordable since it's low season.

Is it worth going to dubai in july?

No, there is very little chance of rain in Dubai in July. No, Dubai in July is affordable since it's low season. You'll get incredible discounts on flights and hotel accommodation, so you can easily plan an affordable trip to Dubai if you plan and book in advance. Dubai is a safe city for visitors to explore.

Dubai receives fewer tourists between the months of June and August, due to scorching temperatures that can reach 40°C. However, with high-end air conditioning in hotels, shopping malls and restaurants, there is still plenty to enjoy away from the sun. If you prefer a quieter getaway, a trip to Dubai outside of the peak season is a good idea. Although neighboring Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the largest city in the country, as well as the most visited and most socially welcoming by Western standards.

Just because you're in Dubai during the peak summer season doesn't mean you should miss a desert safari. Below is a YouTube video that was covertly recorded in Dubai, which documents the forgotten slaves brought to the United Arab Emirates from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. In addition, there are more Michelin star restaurants, more shopping malls and a series of new attractions that are useless to attract tourists. The last one is the Dubai Frame, a huge gold-plated rectangular frame built in Zabeel Park.

However, traveling to Dubai in July will allow you to enjoy incredible deals, as hotels, resorts, leisure attractions and high-end shows in the region reduce their rates once the mercury starts to rise. Some of the world's most popular attractions, such as the Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Frame, can be enjoyed with relatively less fuss in July. To this must be added more and more luxury apartments, infinity pools and 5-star hotels; in fact, 168 new hotel projects are being planned in Dubai alone. Savvy travelers will notice that while the price of food in downtown Dubai is a bit pricey, Middle Eastern cuisine here isn't as tasty as you might expect.

Sail along the iconic Dubai Creek or the super-elegant Dubai Marina, all accompanied by the most exquisite views, a buffet-style dinner and unique live entertainment. Not only will this allow you to enjoy a more luxurious stay (with the best amenities) for very little money, but it will also give you the opportunity to dine, shop and visit Dubai's top attractions at bargain prices. A vacation in Dubai isn't complete without a visit to downtown Dubai, which is home to most of the city's prestigious monuments. Choose a flexible combo pass with tickets to the Burj Khalifa and access to the main attractions of the Dubai mall.

If you're visiting Dubai with your kids, there are more covered attractions, such as Play DXB, KidZania Dubai, Hysteria Dubai Mall, the Museum of Illusions and the lush The Green Planet.

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