What are the best golf courses and golfing experiences in dubai?

Enjoy the Middle Eastern climate and the championship. Abu Dhabi is fast becoming one of the world's most famous golf destinations.

What are the best golf courses and golfing experiences in dubai?

Enjoy the Middle Eastern climate and the championship. Abu Dhabi is fast becoming one of the world's most famous golf destinations. The inherent need of the State to maintain its infrastructure larger and better than that of the rest of the world has seeped into its golf courses. The courses, which are now a regular stop on the European Tour, are not much more striking than the Abu Dhabi Golf Club, which has spearheaded the continuous growth of golf in the Middle East.

The course has all the basics of some of the best link fields in the UK, such as deep, rugged bunkers and tempting descents. Yas Links is the first of its kind in the Middle East and is an essential game for any golf lover. Home to the HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship, the Abu Dhabi Golf Club is one of the most attractive courses to play in the region. The field has been dug out of the incredible natural desert and is a perfectly maintained bag of grass in what would otherwise be an arid wasteland.

The Emirates Golf Club is one of the most popular golf resorts in Dubai and, in 1996, they doubled their offer by designing a second design that Nick Faldo later renovated. Course management is necessary if you want to be smarter than the mastermind behind the design, with well-positioned lakes and huge bunkers that dominate what would be an incredibly challenging round of golf. Maljis is the other route of the Emirates Golf Club; its impeccable presentation will blow even the most passionate golfer away. It was also the first turf course to feature Dubai's 18 holes, enriching its already remarkable history as the venue for the Dubai Desert Classic.

For anyone looking for a test of extraordinary length, The Montgomerie's 7,396 yard mark should suffice. Spread over 265 acres of land are the incredible 18 holes that make up the Montgomerie. Hole 13 stands out, with its green contoured according to the shape of the United Arab Emirates, which brings even more magic to this impressive place. As an added benefit, there are 20 rooms reserved for accommodation.

Choosing which golf courses in Dubai to play in the emirate can be difficult, as there are many professional golf courses to choose from, each offering something different from the rest. The course has been created in such a way that it will be a fair challenge for all golfers, making it a must see on any golf tour in Dubai. Overall, the Majlis course at the Emirates Golf Club is a must-visit destination for golfers looking for a luxurious and challenging golf experience in Dubai. One of the oldest courses in Dubai: it's not too long and it's a semi-link type course that is well protected from the wind by the buildings that surround it.

Jumeirah Golf Estates is a famous venue that has attracted the DP World Tour to organize some of the best tournaments on the circuit in this emblematic place. For the most purist golfer, this is something that has been the subject of criticism, but those who know what to expect when it comes to playing golf or doing anything else in Dubai should know that they don't do things halfway. Address Montgomerie is a world-class golf course located in The Address, one of the most luxurious residential complexes in Dubai. The lowest prices are found in the summer season (from June to early September) and the highest prices are between December and March, when golf is particularly popular in Dubai.

The first course in Dubai built by Greg Norman, which hosts the European Tour DP World Tour Championship. Opened in 1996 to compete with the Majlis, the Faldo golf course has done a fantastic job doing so, and the ingenious location of the lakes and the theatrical bunkers make playing a pleasure. Finally, when deciding which of the best golf courses in Dubai to include in your itinerary, you should consider The Address Montgomerie Dubai. The luxurious nature of the countryside's layout will leave visitors amazed, with its carpet-shaped streets that flourish under the scorching sun.

With a length of just over 7,200 meters, the course is by no means the longest that exists, making it an ideal place for golfers of all levels to enjoy a round in the sun. With one of the best Par 3 collections in Dubai, the firm and fast greens offer an alternative challenge to other courses in the region, as it is essential to correctly select the clubs to avoid treacherous areas of neglect. If you want to try your luck at another golf course in Dubai, which is home to a first in golf, head to the Earth Course at Jumeirah Golf Estates. Even if you are planning to visit another country, such as Australia, for example, many flights stop in Dubai and you can easily spend a few days in the emirate playing golf before continuing your trip.


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