Why dubai beaches are famous?

Jumeirah Beach Dubai's sunny beaches have attracted tourists from all over the world due to the spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf. Jumeirah Beach is one of the most famous places to visit in Dubai and is known for its white sand.

Why dubai beaches are famous?

Jumeirah Beach Dubai's sunny beaches have attracted tourists from all over the world due to the spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf. Jumeirah Beach is one of the most famous places to visit in Dubai and is known for its white sand. There are no real waves or currents, and the shallow area, about four feet deep, extends far from the sand, perfect for wading and just relaxing in the warm waters. JBR Open Beach (like all public beaches in Dubai) is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Even though the beach is open all night, swimming is not allowed after sunset. There's a water park to cool you off from the heat, and if you want to get out of the beach for a while and watch a movie, there's a cinema. If you really like La Mer, there are apartments available, or you can stay at the recently opened Rove La Mer Beach hotel. The La Mer beach area, which is cleaned up several times a day, is flat but not very wide.

The cinnamon-colored sand is compacted and there are palm trees along the edge. The beach has lifeguards and some sections of sun loungers. Admission to La Mer beach is free, but there is a charge for parking. You can generally get free parking validation with minimal expense at any of the stores, restaurants, or beach clubs.

The beachfront water sports provider La Mer offers a wide range of motorized and non-motorized things for floating or sailing. They even offer Flyboard, where you can fly up to 70 feet in the air with a burst of jet water. La Mer beach is an ideal place for water sports, as the water is very soft. The beach is truly a bay, protected on both sides by development.

If you want those Instagram-worthy photos of the Burj Al Arab, the photogenic seven-star ultra-luxury hotel in Dubai, Umm Suqeim Beach is the place to go. This is another wide, flat beach along the coast, right where the Burj is located (it's on its own small peninsula that juts out into the sea). As a public beach, Umm Suqeim is open 24 hours a day. The beach is one of the few in Dubai that is illuminated at night and allows swimming at night.

Smart Power lights (which work only with solar energy and small windmills) turn on at dusk and turn off at midnight. Swimming is not allowed after midnight. Kite Beach is a section of Umm Suqeim Beach, close to the north end. It's a wide, flat beach, and this is where you can rent kayaks and paddleboards.

The exposed beach is windy and is popular with kitesurfers and kite flyers. The sand here is a little thicker than on other beaches, with lots of shells. For fun off the beach, there's a skate park and lots of small ice cream stands. Sole Mio is a family-friendly beach club located right on Kite Beach.

You can rent sun loungers, umbrellas and towels and spend the day on the white sand with views of the Burj Al Arab. The beach club works with all of the local Kite Beach restaurants and offers free delivery service to the beach directly on the umbrella. Kite Beach is also popular with food lovers in Dubai because of the many food trucks that gather here both day and night. If you can't find something you like here, there are small restaurants and cafes on Jumeirah Beach Road, which borders the beach.

Another beach area called Al Mamzar Open Beach (unlike Al Mamzar Beach Park) offers a more natural beach experience with fewer people (and no entry fee). Al Mamzar is close to the Deira area, an ideal place for sightseeing, as it is the original heart of Dubai. It is also close to the border of Sharjah, the neighboring emirate. The Sharjah Palace Hotel is just across the border (the border is only marked with a sign, such as driving from a U.S.

state). UU. to another) and close to the Al Mamzar beach park. Palm Jumeirah is the incredible artificial archipelago shaped like a palm frond that projects into the Persian Gulf.

While there are some public areas on the rocky perimeter shoreline, there are no public beaches on The Palm. There is an admission fee, which can normally be redeemed at 50 percent of the food and beverage bill (there's a restaurant on-site). Guests have access to several pools and a private beach area with caunas, loungers and luxurious hotel-level service. Also called Secret Beach and Al Sufouh Beach, Black Palace Beach is a beautiful stretch of unspoiled and wild beach located right between the Burj Al Arab hotel and the Palm Jumeirah development.

It's in an area called Al Sufouh, and it's just a beach with no vendors, sun loungers or toilets (there are lifeguards). This beautiful beach area, also known as Jumeirah Public Beach, is located in the Jumeirah area, close to La Mer. Open Beach is better known as a local beach, since it is not developed but has good facilities (bathrooms, showers and changing rooms). The beach is wide, with a gentle curve and a gentle slope towards the water.

As it is an unprotected beach, Mercato can see some waves and a surf, so swimmers should be very careful in this case. The beach is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but like all beaches in Dubai, swimming in the water after sunset is illegal. Jumeirah Beach Residence is the largest and one of the best beaches in Dubai. It spans the entire JBR area.

In addition, it is within walking distance of popular attractions, such as the Dubai Marina Shopping Mall. The hotel's one-day beach and pool pass also offers excellent value for money, as it allows access not only to the 200-meter beach and the two swimming pools, but also to an outdoor jacuzzi, a baby pool and an hour's access to the Coco's Kids Club, a supervised club for children between 3 and 12 years old, which offers mom and dad the opportunity to relax in peace on the beach. People planning to visit Dubai should also keep in mind that Al Mamzar Beach Park is full on Fridays and Saturdays. The availability of different types of food is another reason why many people vacationing in Dubai love to visit Kite Beach.

In fact, Dubai's Bluewaters Island has several options if you're looking for one-day access to its beach and its huge pools. For this reason, those who want to practice kitesurfing or practice different water sports during their vacation in Dubai should consider visiting this beach. These air-conditioned, enclosed houses on the sand are a great way to enjoy the beach in style and comfort. It is important to note that admission to this beach is free for children under two years old and people with special needs.

Buy a day pass to The Ritz-Carlton in Dubai, one of the most popular resorts on the coast of Jumeirah Beach Residences, and you'll have access to the resort's pristine beach, multiple pools and excellent service. Known as Black Palace Beach thanks to its location next to one of Dubai's royal residences, it can be difficult to find this place by car, but it offers the calmest waters and the most impressive sunsets in the city. Although many beaches in Dubai are private and associated with luxury residential communities or tourist hotels, a large number are public beaches. When it's cold in Europe and other parts of the world, it's a good time to go to the beaches of Dubai.

Dubai Islands Beach, named after its up-and-coming neighborhood by the water, is shaping up to be the last place in the city to take a refreshing dip and have fun next to the beach. .

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